Guide for Applying for the Visa to Kenya Online

Are you traveling to Kenya? You’ll need to apply for a visa in order to be allowed entry into the country. You can apply for a Kenyan visa online, at the Kenya High Commission, or at the point of entry. Here’s a simplified guide on what you’ll need and how to go about it. When […]

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Conservancies to Visit in Kenya

Conservancies offer a unique way of interacting with the great wildlife in Kenya as the animals are closer to the people than in typical game parks and reserves. The conservancies came up to ensure co-existence between wildlife and the livestock belonging to locals living around tourist attractions. Kenya has more than 10 great conservancies where […]

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Required Vaccines when Travelling to Kenya

Are you going on a safari to Kenya? Prepare for an amazing experience of wildlife, beautiful landscapes and exciting culture. But first things first – what vaccines are required when traveling to Kenya?

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Top 10 Cities to visit in Africa today

Try the continent’s diverse cities! Today, there exist numerous cities across the continent that epitomize the uniqueness of urban life in Africa, which, typically, is a blend of western-influenced modernity and traditional culture and heritage.   Best Cities to Go to in Africa Looking for an African vacation that offers more than just savannah wildlife [...]
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